Visiting the Aswan Dam – Unfinished Obelisk

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Aswan to Cairo-853 kilometers.
Aswan Dam, picture from the top of the tower of the lotus flower.

Aswan Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Nile River in Egypt, near the city of Aswan. It is the largest dam in the country and one of the most important in the world. The dam serves three needs: a) to control the floods of the Nile River b) to store water from floods so that it can be released more slowly; and c) to produce hydroelectric energy. The Soviets helped the people of Egypt in the design and construction of the granite dam. It is 3.26 km long and 111 m high above the base of the Nile River. The dam was built about 13 kilometers south of the Egyptian city of Aswan, and its name is: “Aswan High Dam“. The Soviets also supplied the hydroelectric equipment used at the power plant. It took ten years to build the dam, at a cost of $ 1 billion. The dam was opened in 1970, and has produced both positive and negative effects on humans and the environment.

Aswan-70-meter- tower called the “Lotus Flower” because it is topped by the five petals of the lotus blossom. The tower was designed as a token of Arab-Russian friendship 1970.
2000, Elena Gerondoudis at the top of the “Lotus Tower” in Aswan dam, Egypt .
Aswan (near the unfinished obelisk).
The unfinished obelisk
The unfinished obelisk
Aswan, Nubian Museum entrance
Kalabsha Temple (50 km South of Aswan) Carved relief from the temple walls
Kalabsha Temple (50 km South of Aswan) the Nubian god Mandulis
Game on board the m/s “Nile Pioneer” (2000-Nile river- Egypt).